Takeover Info

Thanks so much for participating in an author event/takeover with Book Born! We hope you have a lot of fun and meet some great new readers. To help make this a successful event, here are some tips:


  1. Let your fans and friends know the takeover is coming up! Share the event ahead of time, so people have a chance to know it’s coming. If you wait until the day of the event, some of your fans may miss it.
  2. All events are held in the Book Born group page (unless otherwise specified) which means to attend guests need to join the group – but don’t worry! They don’t need to stay forever if they don’t want to. They can join and the remove themselves afterwards if they really want to. Of course, it’s so much fun they just might want to stay!
  3. If you plan to host giveaways, add that in your advertising. It entices people to want to come.
  4. If you are the host of a multi-author event (such as a release party), that means you need to help with the organization and with finding authors to participate.
  5. For author hosted takeovers: We like to have a banner to post as the group cover image during your takeover. If you don’t have one, we can probably get one made, but we won’t be able to get your approval, so it’s better if you supply your own. For Book Born events (such as a Christmas event) we will supply the event banner.
  6. Have your posts and images ready to go. You don’t HAVE to do this, but it can help make the event less stressful.



  1. Please show up on time. If you’re confused about the time zones, please contact an admin to ask. If you’re going to be late, or cannot attend (ie. an emergency situation or tech problem) please let an admin know.
  2. When your time is up we encourage you to continue to reply to comments on your posts (ie people who play your games etc ) and also to join in the next author’s games but PLEASE do not create new posts. You’ve had your time, please be respectful of the next author in line.
  3. If you are the “host” of the multi-author takeover (for instance it is a release party) it would be great if you could be present for as much of the party as possible. It would also be awesome if you could thank your guest authors who have helped to make your release an exciting event.
  4. You can post any kind of games you like, except raffles and lotteries (which are both sadly illegal in pretty much every state). Facebook requires that you add a line on each giveaway releasing them of responsibility. Something like “Facebook and Book Born are not responsible for this giveaway” is fine. If you forget, don’t sweat it, though the time may come when facebook cracks down on this.
  5. Want to do a live feed during your time slot? That sounds like fun! If you need help, let one of the admin know.
  6. Please close your games in a timely manner (the next day is fine) and notify your winners. You can simply tag them in the group, but it’s also a good idea to drop them a message.

Thanks so much, now let’s have some fun!

-Christine, Amy, Tonia, Maegan, and Jo