Book Drive


Welcome the the official page for the Book Born Holiday Book Drive!

In 2016, Book Born held it’s first book drive, collecting 66 books to donate to the Salvation Army in Owosso, Michigan. It was a great achievement, considering that the drive only ran for about 4 weeks. However, once the books were delivered, we found out that our donation only helped a fraction of the kids in the distribution range for Owosso.

For 2017 and beyond, we have set our sights on collecting 500 books, to be able to provide every child in the Owosso distribution area with a new (or gently used) book for the holidays. Since we have such a large goal, we wanted to get started on the 2017 drive as soon as possible. Of course, if we get more books than that, then we’re going to be able to help even more children! Our eventual goal is to be able to donate enough books to help as many children across the United States as possible.

So, we have several ways to donate:

1.) You can send new or gently used children’s books to:

Book Born
c/o Christine Connolly
P.O. Box 555
Ovid, MI 48866

2) You can buy the new Book Born T-Shirt by visiting our Booster page

or 3) You can donate directly to our PayPal by clicking here or sending it to

If you join the Book Born Holiday Book Drive group on Facebook, every month, your donations count towards giveaways and other prizes that we’ll be sending out throughout the year.

Questions: Please don’t be afraid to comment or email us with any questions that you have. In fact, others might have the same question, but don’t know how to ask.

Here are some recently asked questions:

  • Are there certain ages you are concentrating on, or all children from preschool to teen? We are collection books for children between the ages of 0-17. Just please make sure that you keep the genres between children’s and Young Adult. No books with adult content (New Adult and beyond).
  • I’d like to help raise money, how do I do that? Contact us and we will send you some cool bookmarks that you can hand out with a QR Code to this awesome page. Please let people know that we have the different ways to donate all centralized on this page.
  • Are the books being given directly to the children or are they going to the Salvation Army store? The books are being put into baskets that are handed out to families at Christmas time. At no point do the books we send to the Salvation Army end up for sale in one of their stores.
  • How long is the drive going to run? We are running the drive all year to collect as many books as possible.
  • Is the drive only servicing Owosso, or will it cover multiple states? As of right now, we are only working with the Owosso Salvation Army, however, our goal is to eventually work with different Salvation Army locations across the United States.