When I decided to start a group on Facebook, I already had a few author friends and a few friends that loved to read as much as I did, and being a stay at home mom I figured it would give me a chance to talk about one of the things I love: reading.

Over the first five months the group was pretty slow but I started talking to more authors and met  readers in other groups that joined us. Eventually we started to grow and we’ve since added Amy and Tonia as admin (Thank you so much! I couldn’t do this without you!).

We started running giveaways and posting teasers for authors in hopes of bringing them new readers, but we’re not just a group to drop promos in. At Book Born we want authors and readers to connect, participate in discussions, play games, and most of all have fun!

Come join us for periodic author Free for Alls, review events, giveaways, parties, and Terrible Turtle Tuesday with comic creator Jonathan Harvey. We’d love to have you!

Both authors and readers are welcome!



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