Chrissie’s Coffee Corner

I am now having a Coffee Corner in my Facebook group.  Times may vary for attending UK authors but will typically be held at 8pm EST every Friday.  If you or someone you know may be interested in participating please comment here or contact me in the group on Facebook.

Coffee Corner consist an author doing a live stream in the Book Born group on Facebook.  During this time you will answer questions, do a short reading, and just hangout.  Not only are these live streams fun but it also introduces you to new readers while giving them a chance to meet you.  As a reader myself these are very exciting.  It’s always fun to get to know an author that you enjoy reading and this is on a more personal level.  This is free and you do not need to give away anything except a little bit of your time. All I will need from you are your links ahead of time that I will post letting them know who the hosting author will be that week and to give them a chance to check you out before the live stream.  This will give the readers a chance to gather any questions.


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