Paperback vs eBook cost

I have had this conversation many times with friends, family, and in my Facebook group but it was brought to my attention again this morning as I was scrolling through my newsfeed. I am full heartedly, a book sniffer and proud to be one though I do own many more eBooks than I do paperbacks or hardcovers for one reason or another. Some are due to convenience, maybe they are only available as an eBook, kindle unlimited, etc. Now, before I go on, I would like to make it very clear that what you are about to read is purely my opinion and only my opinion.

Why do most people choose eBooks? The cost and convenience of course, but how much is too much to pay for an eBook? Most of the conversations that I have had, people have said they will not pay more than $3.99 for an eBook, up to $10 for a paperback, and up to $25 for a hardcover. Ok, so let’s think about this for a second……The same author, for the same book, offers all 3. Which one would you buy and why? Me? I would choose the paperback and it has nothing to do with the cost, it’s simply personal preference. I honestly do not see why people think that paying $5 or $6 for an eBook (if that is their preference) is such a big deal. The author poured his or her heart, soul, time, and money into writing this story and (in my opinion) should not be paid any less just because Sally May thinks she should get a free or next to nothing book because she has the convenience to walk around with a small electronic book with unlimited access. If it is that big of a deal to you, then buy the paperback instead of the eBook. Please keep in mind that there are some authors who have unfortunately, lost their rights to their publisher. By no means am I bashing publishers or publishing companies, there are many good ones out there. I am simply going to give an example, I know an author who has written an amazingly brilliant book that has not sold well and I believe that it is due to the cost of the book. When said author signed on with this particular publisher the rights to said book was signed over. This was a new author and this authors first book. We had a conversation about the book and it is a 5 star in my opinion. The book is only available as an eBook and the publisher sets the price and will not allow it to be printed as paperback until so many copies are sold. Well this is a cycle that this author is stuck in. The book is amazing but people will not give it a try because of the cost which stops the sales, see the problem?

I don’t think people realize that authors, unless you’re Stephan King, Anne Rice, JK, etc., make next to nothing off of their sales. Is it really fair to think that they should sell their books for $1 or two just because of the format? These authors are giving us something special, a part of themselves, a new world to explore, a new fantasy to dream up, which let’s be honest, most of us will be reading with a $5 cup of coffee in our hands. I am not an author, hell I’m not even a very well known blogger, but even I can understand what it must be like for these authors. The next time you are paying for that $5 coffee and pulling out that shinny Kindle of yours to dive into that next amazing story, can you do me a favor? Forget that you are about to buy a new eBook and remember that you are about to buy a BOOK. A story that some amazing author somewhere conjured up to share with you and ask yourself if it is worth a cup of that fabulous coffee you’re sipping on that will be gone in 10 – 20 minutes. These books, these stories, they stay with us and we can come back to them and reread them as often as we’d like. Now is it worth the cost?

I really hope this helps to shed a little light and thank you all for reading my post. PLEASE show your support to authors and review the books you read. ❤


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