JA Lafrance

Book Born’s Book of the Day:

♡♡The ECE and Her Billionaire by JA Lafrance♡♡

☆☆Curvy and Wanted Book 1☆☆**Blurb**Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences 18+. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content.

In book one of Curvy and Wanted: Cadence Matthews’ job, at a childcare center, has her spending her day singing, coloring, and playing with toddlers. It all changes one day when the most stunning man walks in along with a beautiful little girl. Tyler Creed owns Creed and Associates, a thriving company that buys and sells businesses and helps operate others that would fail without his intervention. With little time for a personal life he wonders if he will ever find true happiness and the one person who completes him. So when he walks into the childcare center and finds her, he is more than overjoyed until his past comes forward to ruin it for him.Can Tyler fix the hurt Cadence suffers? Does his past kill any chance for a future with her? Join Tyler Creed with his determination to have it all and prove to Cadence she may be curvy but she is exactly what he wants.

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