Jonathan Harvey

Book Born’s Book of the Day:

By our very own turtle man himself, Jonathan Harvey!

It usually happens when I do something I think is clever. A person will walk up to me and tell me they think I’m mature. It happens all the time. Honest! They just walk right up and say, “Oh yeah! Real mature!” It is because of this great maturity of mine, that I know my book Shades of Plaid is chock full of mature content. The paradoxical thing about it is that in spite of all the mature content, it’s a book that is appropriate for all ages. (Ages new-born to three years old might have some comprehension difficulties.)

Seriously though, Shades of Plaid, is an unconventional Christian Book that has been enjoyed by readers of various belief systems. One of the first to review it was a self-proclaimed non-theist who said it was “charming and funny.” Here are some of the unconventional contents you will find in Shades of Plaid:
Peanut butter sandwiches
A torture chamber
Geriatric Gene Spliced Samaria Gerbils
And much, much more
What are you waiting for…

Here are some links…
Amazon …

If you want a autographed copy then contact me. I like to use the haggle system. I might get you a copy with a significant discount. I might even be willing to do the “you give me a copy of your book, I’ll give you a copy of mine” type of deal. I might even sell you an autographed book if you send me a whole batch of lemon cookies or something like that. There’s no telling what I might do. Go ahead and give it a try.

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