Kitty Berry

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Due to the sexual nature of this book it is intended for mature readers only.

Sliding, the first book of The Stone Series, is a story of young love as it develops over the years.

Brooklynn Taylor stands in front of her mirror, looking at her reflection. She is happily married to Tate Taylor, her adolescent crush, the wealthy and powerful music executive at Taylor Studios, Inc. Well, she was until tragedy struck and Tate fled to the West Coast under the disguise of business. Now she’s not sure about anything.

Brook is faced with a decision, she must make a choice. Sliding is the parallel tracking of two possible destinies, essentially, the classic what-if scenario. Little moments in time when we question which decision is right and which is wrong, both can change our lives forever, leading us down different avenues, times that are impossible to go back and change. Brook will enter into the center of two significantly different trajectories. The question is…which is the one that is meant for her?

Brook stands in front of a mirror in her Manhattan penthouse. She’s on her way to see Tate in California. He is the only man she has ever known, the only man she has ever loved, and Brook decides not to waste another minute of their lives. She rushes to make her flight.
While traveling, she listens to one of Tate’s infamous playlists, and it transports her back to their youth, back to the start of their relationship, back twenty five years, when the then popular jock, Tate Taylor asked her to dance for the first time.

Sliding lets the reader experience Brook and Tate’s coming of age as we witness their relationship while it evolves from adolescent innocence into a passionate and overwhelming romance.

But in life we all have choices to make and as the story continues we see Brook, again in front of that same mirror on that same fateful morning, only this time we see what happens when she isn’t in such a rush.

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