Penny Harmon

Book Born’s Book of the Day:

Unequivocal Blindness: The 5th Book of the Rocky Isle Romance Series

Megan is the last of her friends on Rocky Isle to find the love of her life and settle down…or so her friends think.

Megan has been keeping a secret from her friends for a long time. She fears the relationship will change when the secret comes out and she’s not prepared for all the drama. She wants her career. She wants it all. But, at what cost?

From the moment that the secret comes out, life changes drastically. There is no longer time to get it all done and when a child is suddenly thrown into the picture, Megan feels like she’s lost control of it all and then the unthinkable lost. Everything she loves is almost lost.

Will Megan’s relationship last through all of the ups and downs?

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