Amber Naralim

Book Born’s Book of the Day:

Shed some Light. Sixty years ago, two brothers, two monsters, fought a bloody battle that ended in fire and death. Reese spiraled out of control. He loved to cause pain, loved to shatter bones with his bare hands. He lost himself in the monster inside him. Vincent knew he had to be stopped. Faced with an impossible decision, Vincent did the right thing.
Sometimes we do the wrong things for the right reasons.

Ellie Fredricks set loose something dark and dangerous for the love of family. Susan Bennet’s experiments had consequences, though. Consequences that Ellie is working hard to ignore are eating away at the people she loves.

Ellie rescued her brother, but she didn’t save him. As Edward walks a mad spiral fighting against the darkness Susan Bennet put in him, Reese can see fire and smoke on the horizon. The snake eats its own tail. It has all come full circle and it’s Ellie’s turn to make an impossible choice.

Amazon ASIN B01M354OQJ
Barnes& Noble;jsessionid=0AFA0EE769EF9AF764F738D38FBC09D2.prodny_store02-atgap07?ean=2940153495408
24 Symbols


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