Interview with Micah

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

amaranthine interviewsHello! And welcome to the weekend Amaranthine interviews where YOU ask the questions!

In honor of the new book, I’m going to give everyone else some time off and conduct these interviews myself. See what a good author I am?

15-micahJo: Today we’re interviewing Micah, our loudmouthed… erm…friend might be too strong of a word.

Micah: Yeah, back at ya.

J: No need to be cranky. Apparently some of the readers like you. I suppose someone has to.

M: *psh* You know you like you me coz I do all the work for you in scenes and you can just fu-

J: Can you try you try to kind of watch your language?

M: I am. I’m watchin’ you type the sh** out. *lights a cigarette* So what about these f***ing questions?

J: Yes, let’s get on with it. Kathy asks: Micah what year did you get turned into a…

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