Darkly Dreaming by Chloe Hammond

This is an incredibly heartfelt story and unlike any other vampire book I have ever read. Rae has been trying to be the perfect trophy wife to her husband James for well over a decade before she realizes that she just can’t do it anymore. After Rae moves in with her BFF Layla of 20 years they decide to go on a trip to basically relive their old college days. Rae and Layla have a strong bonded friendship that seems to grow stronger through the years even when they are not around each other. After a fun night of partying in Tours with other old college friends everything changes for them. Someone will die while others may very well wish they would have. Welcome to the dark side of the vampire world with a side that you have never been told full of horror, love, and friendship. While this story does have a lot of backstory I think it works well in this book. Without Rae’s backstory being so well detailed we as readers would not be able to fully comprehend why Rae is the way she is and why the Rage is so strong with her. I cannot wait for the second installment of Darkly Dreaming, very well done Chloe!

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