Where I started

About seven months ago I decided to start a group on Facebook. I already had a few author friends and a few friends that loved to read as much as I do and being a stay at home mom I figured it would give me a chance to talk about one of the things I love, reading. So I started the group and invited a few people. Over the first five months or so the group was pretty slow but I started talking to more authors and met other readers in other groups and they ended up joining mine also. Eventually the group started to grow and I added my BFF as an admin to help me run the group (much kudos to you Kandy I couldn’t do this without you). We started running giveaways and posting teasers for authors in hopes of bringing them new readers. Now our main focuses are “pimping” authors, giveaways, book talk, recommendations, author takeovers, and most importantly reviews. I don’t think readers understand the importance of reviewing a book, reviews are as gold as word of mouth advertising to an author. I am not just talking about leaving a star review but leaving actual words. Think of it this way Author=Review, Fish=Water, Human=Air, do you get the picture? You can’t have one without the other, reviewing is a MUST. Even a couple of sentences is better than no review at all. With this said, we at Book Born Blog put on monthly giveaways to reward reviewers as a way to thank them for their reviews. Feel free to join us in our closed group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/bookborn and at our page http://www.facebook.com/bookbornblog.

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